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Tiger Brokers Welcome Gift

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The Tiger Brokers’ Welcome Rewards have been updated, the new details are as follows:

Promotion Period:

• 15:00 20/04/2023 – 15:00 18/05/2023 (SGT)

Account Opening Rewards:

• Unlimited Commission-Free Trades* for HK & SG & China A Stocks in 365 days

• Unlimited Commission-Free Trades* for U.S. Stocks in 180 days

• 5 Commission-Free Trades* for Options within 30 days

• 3-day 20% yield coupon

First Deposit ≥ SGD 300 Reward:

• USD 10 Apple fractional shares (NASDAQ: AAPL)

First Deposit ≥ SGD 1,000 & complete 5 New BUY Trades* Rewards:

• USD 30 Apple fractional shares (NASDAQ: AAPL)

• 1 sure-win draw attempt (get one free stock, valued between SGD13-SGD285)

First Deposit ≥ SGD 10,000 & complete 10 New BUY Trades* Reward:

• 1 Apple share (NASDAQ: AAPL)

Referral Link: Tiger Brokers Referral Link

More details can be found in the T&Cs on the Tiger Brokers website.







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