DA 90 Backlinks

  1. ArtStation is an artwork site that has a very high domain authority (DA) of 90. Anyone can create a profile page on ArtStation, and include free high DA backlinks to a personal website, Facebook, as well as Twitter page. As of 2023, the backlinks are dofollow, which is incredible for such a high domain authority (DA 90) website.
  2. Another DA 90+ website with backlink is 4shared.com. This DA 94 site allows a website backlink in the profile page. Even though the backlink is nofollow, it could still be valuable due to the high domain authority.
  3. Disqus offers a DA 90 plus (DA 93) dofollow backlink on the user’s profile page. Disqus is a blog commenting and hosting service that is free to sign up, hence the backlink is available to all users and can be indexed by Google.
  4. Myspace, one of the earliest social media sites, has a formidable DA of 94 and allows one dofollow backlink in the profile page. The “href” link in the backlink links to Myspace’s URL shortener, which then links to the target homepage.
  5. Frontiersin, also known as Loop, is a DA 92 website that is in the educational and academic domain. It allows a dofollow link in the profile, as well as one Twitter profile link.
  6. LinkedIn is a DA 99 jobs and career website that allows one dofollow link. This link can only be accessed on the “creator mode” in LinkedIn, and appears near the top of the profile.
  7. PopSugar is an exercise and fitness website with DA 90. It allows 1 dofollow blog link, as well as links to various social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  8. Gfycat is an image sharing site focusing on animated GIFs. It has a high DA of 92, and allows one dofollow backlink to the user’s website.
  9. Microsoft’s social page has a DA of 98 and allows one dofollow link to a personal website, as well as links to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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