CoinMarketCap Referral Code: OKVVC5CN (20 Free Diamonds)

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CoinMarketCap Referral Code: OKVVC5CN

CoinMarketCap Referral Link:

What is CoinMarketCap Referral Code?

CoinMarketCap Referral Code (OKVVC5CN) is a code to be inputted during free signup to the website CoinMarketCap, which is a crypto information site containing various crypto statistics such as price and market cap.

When a new user signs up through the referral link and accumulates 100 diamonds, they will get 20 bonus diamonds, which can be redeemed for free NFTs and other rewards!

Benefits of CoinMarketCap Referral Code

When signing up with a referral code, a user can get a CoinMarketCap referral bonus of 20 diamonds (after accumulating 100 diamonds through daily sign-in). All of the diamonds are totally free and can be obtained just by clicking a button to claim the diamonds.

Many of the rewards are quite attractive and valuable, for example free crypto wallets, free NFTs, and free tickets to blockchain events.


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