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[NEW DEAL] Webull’s February 2023 promotion: 5 Lucky Spin chances to win up to USD 500!

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[NEW DEAL] Webull’s February 2023 promotion: 5 Lucky Spin chances to win up to USD 500!
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Up to USD 500 in prizes can be earned by following 2 easy steps through 1 March 2023 at 15:59 H:
1) First deposit of any amount, even as low as $1, are eligible for 3 spins
2) Hold deposits for 30 days without making any withdrawals to receive 2 spins.

A lucky spin can earn fractional shares worth between $10 and $100. (such as TSLA, AAPL, AMZN, GOOG)
Total Rewards: 5 Lucky Spins to gain Fractional Shares worth USD 50 to 500.

Webull Referral Link:https://a.webull.com.sg/i/math88

Disclaimer:The opinions on Webull expressed in this blog post are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide…

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Sandbox Referral Code (Sandbox Referral Link)

Sandbox Referral Link: https://www.sandbox.game/en/login/?r=7C2X.xatFby~q5Bj0m_NS

How To Use Sandbox Referral Code

Using the Sandbox Referral Code is as simple as clicking on the Sandbox Referral Link, which would bring the user to the official Sandbox page for signup. Do check that the Referral Link URL begins with “www.sandbox.game”, which is the correct URL for the official Sandbox crypto game.

What is Sandbox Referral Link Used For?

The Sandbox Referral Link brings the user to the official Sandbox crypto game page. Sandbox is a metaverse-type game where users can buy digital land, and build their own universe on the Ethereum blockchain.

Sandbox is similar to games such as Minecraft and Roblox, with the difference that the Sandbox user owns their land and inventory on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain. Sandbox has features such as a Voxel Editor, Marketplace, and Game Maker, for gamers to customize their land, create games, and trade their items for a fuller metaverse experience.

Use the Sandbox Referral Code to Sign Up and Start Earning on Sandbox

There are a few ways to earn cryptocurrency on the Sandbox game. The first way is to create Voxel Assets using the Voxel Editor (VoxEdit), which can then be sold on the Marketplace as NFTs. Secondly, users can build and monetize games using the Sandbox Game Maker. Last but not least, users can purchase LAND which can be rented out, or populated so as to increase their value and subsequently be sold at a profit, just like land in the real world.

Sandbox Marketplace

Exploring the Sandbox game is free, as there is no need to purchase anything for the initial exploration. Do sign up for Sandbox using the referral link to begin the journey in the Sandbox metaverse!

Is Sandbox Dead?

There have been some sayings that the Sandbox game is “dead”, possibly due to the crypto winter and the associated drop in interest in crypto games. However, the Sandbox game is still very much alive, and has recent updates such as the Lunar New Year special event. This shows that the Sandbox developers are still adding new content to the Sandbox game.

Sandbox Lunar New Year Event

Trust Bank Referral Code: GWT5WBUK (Free NTUC FairPrice Voucher!)

Singapore Maths Tuition

Trust NTUC Referral Code: GWT5WBUK

* Note: Use the Referral Code (GWT5WBUK) when signing up to earn a free S$10 FairPrice E-Voucher!

Trust Bank is a fully online digital bank in Singapore backed by Standard Chartered and FairPrice Group (also commonly known as NTUC). They offer various products such as credit and debit cards, savings accounts, as well as various discounts and promotion rewards such as earning Linkpoints to spend at NTUC FairPrice supermarkets.

How to Use Trust Bank Referral Code

It is very simple to use the Trust Bank referral code. Firstly, sign up at the official Trust Bank website and download the Trust App following the instructions.

When signing up, be sure to enter the referral code (GWT5WBUK) during the signup process. The referral code can be inputted right at the start of the signup process, after clicking “Get started” on the app.

Benefits of Trust Bank Referral…

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Referral Code Meaning and Example

Referral Code Meaning

When signing up for online websites, applications, or services, often there is a text box asking the user to input a “referral code”. Sometimes it could be stated as “referral code (optional)”. The meaning of “referral code” in this context is a special alphanumeric sequence of letters and numbers that came from a referring party, such as a friend or a referral code website.

Most of the time, it is optional to enter the referral code, which explains why it is often written as “referral code (optional)”. However, it is often beneficial to google for a suitable referral code online on a website such as ReferralCode.Link. Referral codes often offer discounts, promotions, or benefits upon entered to reward both the referrer and the user referred.

In conclusion, the meaning of referral code in most cases is just a special code that gives some benefit such as a discount or promotion. Referral codes are optional in most cases, but usually it is advisable to google a suitable referral code so as not to miss out on the referral promotion.

Referral Code Examples

Referral codes can be very short and consist of just a few letters, for example such as “OAEMZD“. A referral code can also be a link that brings the user to the official website and applies the referral code automatically behind the scenes using a cookie or special query strings in the URL.

Referral codes are often also called promo codes or discount codes. These are usually just synonyms and mean the same thing. A possible difference between “referral code”, “promo code” and “discount code” is that some referral codes do not give any discount or promotion. In any case, referral codes do not come at any cost to the user, it should always be free to use and apply.

Finally, there can also be rarer examples of referral codes in the form of a QR code to be scanned by a phone camera. Nevertheless, this can also be classified as a referral link, as inside the referral QR code there is an embedded referral hyperlink to a website.

Ledger Referral Code ($10 Bitcoin Discount)

Singapore Maths Tuition

Ledger Refer a Friend Code ($10 Bitcoin Discount)

Ledger Referral Link: https://shop.ledger.com/?referral_code=DYK6F798R0Y3E

Ledger recently released a new Refer-a-Friend program which offers a $10 Bitcoin discount / promotion when purchasing various Ledger products on their website.

Benefits of Using Ledger Referral Code

The benefits of using this particular Ledger Referral Code (also known as Ledger Refer a Friend Code) is that there is a $10 Bitcoin discount / cashback when purchasing Ledger products.

It is highly important to use the correct version of the Ledger Referral Discount Code (i.e. the one with $10 Bitcoin discount). There is another version of Ledger Referral Code that has 0% discount, meaning that users will lose out on the $10 in Bitcoin if they use that version of the Ledger Referral Code.

The correct version of Ledger Referral Code should have a statement “Buy a [Ledger Product] and get 10$ of Bitcoin”, as shown…

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ReferralCode.Link Facebook, Twitter and Logo

ReferralCode.Link is a global referral code and promo code website. Its goal is to collect and display referral codes and links from various genres, so that readers can benefit maximally from referral promotions when they sign up for various online websites and applications.

Website Domain: ReferralCode.Link

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/referralcode.link

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ReferralCode88


DA 90 Backlinks

  1. ArtStation is an artwork site that has a very high domain authority (DA) of 90. Anyone can create a profile page on ArtStation, and include free high DA backlinks to a personal website, Facebook, as well as Twitter page. As of 2023, the backlinks are dofollow, which is incredible for such a high domain authority (DA 90) website.
  2. Another DA 90+ website with backlink is 4shared.com. This DA 94 site allows a website backlink in the profile page. Even though the backlink is nofollow, it could still be valuable due to the high domain authority.
  3. Disqus offers a DA 90 plus (DA 93) dofollow backlink on the user’s profile page. Disqus is a blog commenting and hosting service that is free to sign up, hence the backlink is available to all users and can be indexed by Google.
  4. Myspace, one of the earliest social media sites, has a formidable DA of 94 and allows one dofollow backlink in the profile page. The “href” link in the backlink links to Myspace’s URL shortener, which then links to the target homepage.
  5. Frontiersin, also known as Loop, is a DA 92 website that is in the educational and academic domain. It allows a dofollow link in the profile, as well as one Twitter profile link.
  6. LinkedIn is a DA 99 jobs and career website that allows one dofollow link. This link can only be accessed on the “creator mode” in LinkedIn, and appears near the top of the profile.
  7. PopSugar is an exercise and fitness website with DA 90. It allows 1 dofollow blog link, as well as links to various social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  8. Gfycat is an image sharing site focusing on animated GIFs. It has a high DA of 92, and allows one dofollow backlink to the user’s website.
  9. Microsoft’s social page has a DA of 98 and allows one dofollow link to a personal website, as well as links to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

How to Get Free High Quality Backlinks

One example of a free high quality backlink is on the Adobe Education Exchange profile page. It has high domain authority (around 95), though it is a nofollow link.

By creating a profile, one can add backlinks for Facebook, Twitter, as well as a website.

Nofollow links can still be beneficial for SEO, especially from a site with high domain authority and page rank (high DA, PA and PR).

Unstoppable Domains Referral Code

Singapore Maths Tuition

Unstoppable Domains Referral

For an official referral link to Unstoppable Domains, please use:

Unstoppable Domains Review

Unstoppable Domains is useful for the following:

1. Simplify cryptocurrency addresses with NFT domains. Attach your BTC, ETH, LTC and any other cryptocurrency address to your NFT domain.

2. Use dChat for P2P communication. Sign with your crypto address to access P2P chat, group chats, and read-only broadcasting channels.

3. URL for decentralized websites.

The amazing thing about Unstoppable Domains is that you only have to pay a single one-time fee, unlike traditional web hosting services where payment is often repeated yearly.

Unstoppable Domains Review Reddit

It is often a good idea to consult Reddit reviews. This Reddit thread on r/Cryptocurrency has several users reviewing Unstoppable Domains. The official subreddit on Unstoppable Domains also has a lot of discussion and reviews.

Unstoppable Domains vs ENS

The main advantage Unstoppable Domains has over…

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